Jul 7, 2009

Between Waking & Sleeping

I'd really like to say something now. Anything about what happened today or yesterday. But I'm too sleepy plus too lazy to write it down here, haha forgive my lazyness, should get rid of it immediately. Yeah later.

Hmm maybe I just share my On-The-Go most played playlist today, hoho. So here it goes :
1. Liebestraum (Frans Liszt) - Fantastic Plastic Machine Feat. Yashuaki Shimizu
2. Happy Where You Are - Orwell
3. Light & Day - The Polyphonic Spree
4. Well-Known Blueberry - Tutu Helvetica
5. Sad Song - Au Revoir Simone
6. Broke - Captain
7. You Get What You Give - New Radicals
8. Mamayukero+Bakumbakero - Warkop DKI

I'm looking for streaming to all tracks above (especially the last one), but I haven't found it. Maybe you could ask Mr.Google for listening room, heeeee... lazyness strikes back^^

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