Jul 23, 2009

Appreciation Day

I woke up earlier this morning, haha usually woke up late when it comes to "no class @ campus" day. Honestly it's difficult to open your eyes, leaving your (maybe) sweet dream and see your real life was.... nah, I just have short sleep time every single night.

Today I fulfilled my wish, go to rumah buku, Yooyy! as I told in my previous post (which is published already now!) I'm not going there for over a month. So today I spent quite long time in there (confused to decide what to borrow), and after that, went to Setiabudhi supermarket for little grocery jogging. Then got home with tons of "misting", hahahaha....

Things I borrowed from Rumah Buku:
1. Screaming Masterpiece

2. Run Lola Run

3. Funeral Parade of Roses

Stuffs I bought from Setiabudhi supermarket:
1. 1 pack of Taco's seasoning mix
2. minced beef
3. Prego cheese sauce
4. Haan pancake mix
5. Ultra Milk
6. Cheddar Cheese popcorn

I was going to make Taco for dinner, but then I realized I still have ifumie from lunch. well, let's just keep it for tomorrow

Accompanied with good food, my appreciation day is start from now


  1. Duh, saya malah dah lama pisaaan gak ke RuKu.
    Funeral Parade...nya pasti 'seger' tuh. Haha.

    Selamat memulai 'appreciation day', Taff!

  2. well thank you,,
    yupp, konon katanya si funeral parade ini salah satu inspirasi mr kubrick untuk bikin film..

    haha emang rada malesin sih sebenernya kesitu, ga ada angkot soalnya, dan saya tidak berkendara, heuheu repot