Jul 19, 2009

Day With Books & Movies

I'm lack of appreciation!! I'ts been a long time I don't do things to enlighted my mind. Need to stimulate my mind into good memory because i'm an absent minded people. If i'm working on one thing, when suddenly other thing appear, I could easily forget my first work, and remember it minutes later. that's suck. So I arrange my schedule tomorrow or the day after for books & movies day. Destination? of course places that provide good books or movies. It would be nice if I could visit all of them. I'm gonna write it down here. If you have a time, go visit those place.

1. Rumah Buku (Kineruku)
Get bored with so called popular reads (teenlit, metropop, you name it)? Get your ass here immediately! located in Hegarmanah (near Setiabudi) here you can read they have unusual type of any kind b-sides (sidestream) books, movies, and music, movie room for movie screening. With 2 kind of membership (pick membership B for more books & movies) feel free to borrow everything lay in there. With cozy & peaceful environment you can read or watch while order some food or beverages from their kitchen.

2. Chelsea DVD (and so Kota Kembang, Pagarsih, and other mini DVD kiosk)
Well Piracy is a bad thing. but without piracy I would never know Lux Lisbon, Alex DeLarge, Vincent Vega, Clementine, or even Von Trapp family. There's no such thing like subtitles DVD @ Dharmawangsa square in Bandung, so it's quite difficult to find an unusual genre of movies here. If you're lucky, You can get rare director's cut cult movie which sometimes hardly find, or full complete season of The Simpsons. Ah I just love Bandung.

3. Gramedia Merdeka
this is my destination when i'm in the heart of the city but don't wanna go home yet. Gramedia is the biggest franchise bookstore in indonesia. they have complete collection of books, magazines, stationery & co. Personally I like being here, stuck at Imported book section or fictions in mezzanine floor. They have a good layout provided with stool if you're tired stand up for read unwrapped books. well if you're interested with something, you can get it with normal price of course, as long you hold the cash, but relax, there's book bazaar if you're on budget finance. Even If you're not buy anything, you can still get tahu brintikk + Tong Tji milk tea, it only cost Rp 10.000,-. A fun way to fill your mind plus stomach. teehee.

4. Periplus Bookstore
in my vision, this is the place for foreigner who wants to know everything about Indonesia. They sell imported books, and things related to Indonesia, like map, travel book, and Indonesian craft. They throw further reduction sale up to 80% regularly. I always get best deal here, fictions for only Rp5.000 - Rp40.000, who can't resist?!

5. Reading Lights
This place is secondhand bookstore. Fictions, art & design books, with half normal price, lovely. Too bad they're not selling magazines anymore. There's cafe too, and free wifi for visitor.

6. Tobucil
Tobucil sell books from not quite well known publisher. That's why you can have book that only sold in Tobucil. Even copy of book copied with xerox.

7. Zoe Comic Zone
Place for comic addict. Comic collection here are uber-complete!

All I can say is happy exploring guys!

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