Jun 18, 2009

35mm, here I come!

yesterday I did a little blogwalking and I discovered this cool blog, feel free to take a look. He's kinda plastic camera "fanatic" (i don't use "maniac" word, sounds like a pervert, hahahaha)

Swimming through his post remind me about something. Hey, I have Holga. I do actually have one of these plastic camera. I bought my holga about 8 months ago, and for the first two month it was......AMAZING. I really like the gloomy result made by this camera, and the next two month it was......well I had little problem with film develop things. Film developing works cost me more money, and that 120 type film is barely hard to find nowadays. You have to order it wayyy back before it sold out or, when you find it, buy it as much as you can. You never know when you're gonna see them again, haha okay that is too much. But that's not gonna make me stop from exploring this camera.

Popped in my mind, I should've bought action sampler or some kinda like that, so I don't have to look for that 'usually hard to find' film....... heyyyy, why don't you put 35mm film into your Holga?!! The next thing i did was visited this site to find out how to use 35mm film in Holga. Finally, I'm ready to go with my Holga again!

I hope the result are quite wonderful as result above