Aug 20, 2009

Zzzipp!! It's Not Zipper

The most interesting thing today is that there's nothing I did all this day, hahaha. Final Tests I got two days before are just like revolver bullet goes through my brain. So, today I pose myself as a king, do whatever I want, haha life is just too short before my "extension term" begin in September. Because my lazy fingers strikes back (work only for clicking) these images will speak for you.

Things I love today :

This Poster
The others are great too, but in my opinion, I've seen things like that before. They even more look like one of indonesian movie, Pintu Terlarang (i'm talking about posters).

This Stuff
REALLY wanna have one of those (the right one)

This Book
I finished it in 2 hours straight! Haha I ignore my breakfast time for this book.

This MovieThey said it : "An endearing film that will bring you to tears and have you cherishing every relationship and day you have."

This Photo
Artist : Anders Lindén
I just love the mood he create in his photos, calming yet beautiful.

This Drawing
Artist : Jeana Sohn
An etsy one, huh? *sok tau

When it comes to next day, I need to find out interesting things to do for a few days ahead before I got stuck with boredom & ended up flatline.

Whatever, i'm still the king today, haha!

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