Aug 3, 2012

Cafe Au Lait

(kă-fā' ō lā')


1. Coffee served with hot milk.
2. A light coffee hue.

This is somehow the drink I always ordered, every time I’m in the mood to freshen up my mind beside the fresh roasted black coffee. The simple taste, balanced mixtures between coffee and milk soothes the throat while the coffee’s aftertaste lingering still after couple of sips. Nothing’s wrong about craving for that mild sensation I guess. Everything seems on the right place, unless there’s something about this comforting flavor.

I started this personal assumption when someone responded to my great interest to this Café Au Lait:

“You’re not getting anything from that drink. It only has a good taste. That’s it.”

In a split second after I heard that, my mind unconsciously creates this metaphor of Café Au Lait as… another form of star-crossed lover.

Coffee is good. So does milk. Each of it has its own benefit for you. When it comes together, they’re likely to fill each other’s space. Milk softens the strong wake-me-up bomb from coffee, while coffee spice up the gentle distinct taste of milk. But the party of two has made the serious consequence encounter: a state of being neutral. I can say in other words, erasing each other’s.

A kind of bittersweet truth compares to star-crossed lover.

Fondness, affection, appreciation, love, you name it, comes in many secretive methods. The key to decipher it is to make it happen. It is the matter of time before the paths crossed. But even though you promise someone forever it’s just doesn’t work that way.

Interruption from outside forces.
The inevitability to cross at each other.

were already there waiting.

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