Nov 26, 2010


Remember when I posted some random shouts few months ago? At that time I made promise to do those 5 things, like I want it to accomplish so bad. Once I was worried of being unresolved, but miraculously It all happened this year! Just in case you might forget about it, I'm gonna write it once again here:

1. Finishing my final assignment (Done perfectly with A result! got a little revision, but that's okay.)
2. Take some course (Computer class, check. English class are waiting to be explored)
3. Go abroad (Done, twice. Haha I never expected that I can go to Japan two times this year. It was a wonderful experience. As (always) I promise to tell the story of it, soon. *teehee)
4. Have iPod Touch (Got it while i'm in Japan with good bargain)
5. Graduated from Uni (Just had it yesterday. Oh well, two days ago according to this time zone)

Well, even it wasn't happened in order but hey, I made it! Alhamdulillah and thank God for this accomplishment.

Oh btw about my birthday wish, I didn't get the Moleskin city notebook, but I got 'way cooler than Coleman ice box' stuff.
Another check!

*I think it's about time to add more bucket list.

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